Cadillac Escalade Hybrid Review – The Pros and the Cons

What comes to mind when you think about the Cadillac Escalade? Good looks? Sure. Rap stars with lots of ‘bling’? Possibly. Fuel economy of 20+ miles per gallon? Doubtful, but that’s exactly what GM’s luxury division is hoping to change with the introduction of the Escalade Hybrid.

While shooting for 20+ MPG doesn’t seem very impressive at first, you must realize it represents an increased economy of over 50% according to Cadillac. That’s fairly impressive when you consider that the Escalade Hybrid hasn’t sacrificed an iota of the luxury and size that make it popular amongst 6+ foot tall sports stars and their entourages. Nor has the Escalade Hybrid eschewed much of its legendary utility; 2WD models can still tow 6000 pounds while 4WD models can tow an impressive 5700 pounds.

That’s not quite the abundant 8000/7900 pound towing capacities offered by the 2WD/AWD models powered by the 6.2L Vortec engine, but both of those models eek out a mere 12 MPG in the city.

The Escalade Hybrid pairs an advanced electric-drive system with a modern ‘high feature’ V8 capable of running on either eight or four cylinders, whatever the situation demands. This gives the Escalade Hybrid some excellent power when called for, and reasonable economy when it comes to city driving. The net result is that Escalade Hybrid owners won’t cringe every time they see a gas station.

Plenty of power, good looks, and reasonable economy in an iconic American luxury SUV? The Escalade Hybrid pulls it all off while only sacrificing some of its ample towing capacity.

How to Write a Review to Compare Two Or More Products

How do you write a good review to compare two or more products? Prior to that, allow me explain about the fault in most reviews nowadays and why is there a need for the masses to write comparison reviews.

No one can deny that reviews play a crucial role to assist consumers in making purchasing decisions. Consumers either ask their friends for feedback, look out for reviews in magazines or even read reviews online. Most of the time, a typical consumer would have read many reviews before narrowing down the list of things they will consider buying into 2 or 3 products. But as most reviews are meant for only one product, studying individual reviews of products wouldn’t help much in choosing the best of the two or three shortlisted products. This scenario often put consumers in a dilemma to choose between two equally well products based on the reviews they read, that in the end they make a decision based on the pricing factor. But what if the cheaper product is in fact inferior to the more expensive one? The consumer may have gotten a good product, but definitely not the best.

This is where writing a review to compare two or more products is important. The review will be able to compare both products side by side on a set of attributes. When the comparison is done, the review can then provide a conclusion which of the product is superior over the other. So what are the essence of a comparison review?

If you would like to write a comparison review, follow the tips below:

  • Include a descriptive title – Do include a useful and descriptive title in the review. You wouldn’t want to use a title “Review of Two Hybrid Japanese Cars” when you can actually use the title “Comparison Review of the Toyota Prius vs Honda Fit Hybrid”. Using a descriptive title will also allow others to search for your review through the search engines.
  • Compare the common attributes – While writing a review for two products, ask yourself what are the attributes commonly displayed in both products. In the example of Japanese hybrid cars, the common attributes to be compared will be fuel consumption, comfort, noise insulation, you get the deal. While discussing these common attributes in your review, ensure that they are also compared on the same metrics. E.g. to compare fuel consumption, use the metric kilometers/hour for both vehicles.
  • Highlight the unique attributes – As both products are different in their own right, highlight their unique attributes. Mention in your review how the unique attribute helps the potential customer in other ways.
  • Provide a conclusion – After completing the comparison of both products, always remember to give a verdict, or at least provide a recommendation. The reason people read reviews is to get feedback and a review verdict or recommendation does exactly that. One important reminder to all reviewers is never be biased in your recommendation.
  • State your sources – This tip is more of an optional tip but if you do provide the sources of your review (either by experience of owning both products, or by having tried them at the shop), it helps to establish yourself as a more credible reviewer.

Hopefully this guide will be useful in getting more people to write better comparison reviews.

Poor Man’s BMW: 2014 Mazda 6 Review and Road Test

Over the last five years it seems that the companies that make midsize sedans are in a race to top. Every year one brand seems to leap-frog another in the competition to build a reasonably priced car that looks and feels like a premium entry from BMW or Lexus. The latest escalation of this conflict takes the shape of the 2014 Mazda 6 sedan. While the Mazda 6 has been around since 2004, the last generation was off the radar for most buyers. With radical, sporty styling and impressive quality this Mazda may be poised to upset the status quo in the segment much the way the Mazda 3 did for compacts 10 years ago.

On the inside the Mazda 6 has a germanic look about it which is a common trend in midsize sedans. What is special about this interior is the materials are comparable in appearance and feel to a 3 series BMW. Everything from the door handles, to the dash padding,steering wheel and shifter feels solid and well crafted. The infotainment and navigation are controlled with a wheel behind the shifter, much like BMW’s iDrive. As well as looking expensive the infotainment system is well equipped, even on the base model. All models have bluetooth audio streaming and USB interface. Dual zone climate control is offered on most models which is a welcome feature. Overall the Mazda 6 has the nicest interior of any midsize sedan on sale today.

On the road the Mazda 6 suffers slightly from it less than powerful 189hp 4 cylinder engine. While the car can accelerate fast enough for most day to day driving it lacks an extra punch to match the sporty styling of the car. The transmission is excellent and shifts quickly and smoothly.

The ride of the car is firm but still very comfortable in the tradition of the best sporting sedans. What comes as a disappointment with the Mazda 6 is the steering. It feels much more like something from one its far stodgier rivals like the Toyota Camry. While the car corners very well it lacks steering feel and does not feel responsive. That would be a let down on any car, but it’s worse with the Mazda 6 because our expectations are so high.

The bottom line:A beautiful interior and expressive styling all at a reasonable price. This is as close to premium sports sedan quality as the midsize segment gets.