Exotic Cars: Expectations and Realities When Looking for One

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of exotic cars? Is it a popular sports car like a Ferrari or Lamborghini? Or maybe you prefer some of the latest muscle and luxury cars around, like the Ford Mustang, the Chevrolet Camaro, or the Ashton Martin V12 Vantage S.

Whatever rare car you’re dreaming of, you should know from the outset that it takes more than a bulging briefcase of cash (or a check with dozens of zeros) to get your own exotic car of choice. Look back to the first time you’ve bought a car. Snagging the car of your dreams requires more than just walking into that dealership: you’ve got to negotiate your loan rate (if any), discuss the terms, request to upgrade or modify some things here and there, and so on. Let’s discuss the process of buying an exotic car.

An Opportunity of a Lifetime

There are many exotic cars to choose from, especially if money is no object, but it’s certainly going to be easier said than done to decide on ‘the one’. One of the first things you should do is to set your budget: say, like $200,000. Setting a ceiling automatically lessens the stress of choosing from possibly dozens of options to a more manageable list.

Next, since you’re looking for an exotic car, you need to define for yourself the “exoticness” of a car. Do research online, list down your preferences, and learn the nomenclature associated with luxury cars or sports cars, including what sort of engine they’ve got and so forth. That way, you can be upfront with the dealership’s salesperson by saying the details of the car you want. Remember to tell him/her your preferred price range as well, and don’t be afraid to round it up so you’d have a wider range of models on the top of the heap.

Keep in mind that dealers rarely allow potential car buyers to test drive a car right of the bat. To help you decide on which exotic cars to consider, search online and read unbiased reviews or test drive videos of your shortlisted cars.

Do note that rare cars that are reviewed online might not be available in your market, so make sure to list down several options and rank them based on your personal criteria.

Dos and Don’ts

Do show proof with regards to your financial capabilities. Ask the sales staff to inform you about different maintenance plans, gearing options, brands, and models that are currently available or will soon be. The more you’re able to engage with the salespeople, the likelier it is for you to get a decent plan at the lowest price.

If you want a car that crosses state lines, don’t be afraid to do some cross-country traveling to get it.

When permitted, take the lucky car/s for a brief spin in order to get a good feel of the vehicle, from its purring engine to how fast it can really go.

If you want online tools that can assist you in locating any exotic car that you deem fancy enough to be part of your car collection or garage, visit websites like Cars.com, eBayMotors.com, and AutoTrader.com.

Finally, make sure to check an exotic car’s mileage, condition, options, transmission, and other parts that you deem important before making a final decision.

Massive Audio SX6 Review – 6.5

This will be my first product review. This is my first hands-on test with Massive Audio speakers and they are installed in my personal vehicle, not in a demo board. The car has no extra sound dampening and the only other upgrade is an Alpine CD player. On with the review.

Massive Audio SX6 Specifications

  • Speaker Size – 6.25″
  • Tweeter – 20mm Silk Nomax Tweeter
  • Cone – Poly Mica
  • Sensitivity – 88.7dB
  • Frequency Response – 63Hz – 21KHz
  • RMS Power – 10-60 watts
  • Peak Power – 180W
  • Impedance – 4 Ohm
  • Crossover – 6dB Internal
  • Basket – Stamped Steel
  • Depth – 1.66″

What you get in the box is an instruction manual, warranty registration card, a pack of screws and matching sheet metal clips, speaker grills, and the speakers themselves. The grills look classy and complement the stylish smooth dark looks of the speakers. A couple of notes about the speaker design. As the title of this article states, these are slim speakers. At just 1.6″ inches they can fit in any door, which seems to be necessary for some European cars. For comparison this is hardly thicker than your closed laptop computer. Another notable design highlight is the “point source” driver configuration. This is evident in the placement of the tweeter flush with the center of the woofer cone. The benefit of this is the midrange and treble notes start on the same linear plane, meaning there is no delay like you normally get in coaxial speakers. It’s not something an ordinary listener is ever going to notice compared to a traditional post mounted tweeter, but it shows Massive Audio’s focus on serious sound quality at an affordable price.

These speakers are CEA Certified, meaning you can compare these head-to-head with other CEA certified speakers for their rated thermal power handling. I have them powered by one of the older Alpine V-Power head units, which has an extra beefy internal amplifier rated at 27 W x 4 RMS. It’s plenty of juice to get the SX6 cones thumping hard. I would imagine these would do quite well on a 50×2 amplifier.

I have only about one hour of listening time with these little beauties, but I’ve been very impressed. The tweeters are exceptionally musical and detailed for a low cost speaker. I have had them playing right in front of my face, which normally is a bad idea as most tweeters I’ve heard are not the most pleasant on axis. I’ve not yet found any music that causes these speakers to feel fatiguing at high volume. I was very pleased to find I could distinctly hear different cymbals in a loud passage of an Anberlin track off their latest album. The new level of detail is exactly what I wanted and these speakers deliver detail in spades. The midrange performance is also excellent. They can dig deep with synthesized instruments, as heard on Radiohead’s Kid A. On a very percussion heavy album, The Hammering Process by Living Sacrifice, featuring two drummers, every instrument was distinct.

I do have plans to replace these speakers and move them to the rear deck, but they definitely will have a place in my car for a long time to come. They sell for $99.95. I will conclude this review with a list of pros and cons.


  • Great size, slim enough to fit any application
  • Amazing clarity for the money
  • Attractive – too bad they’re usually hidden behind a panel


  • No wire leads included
  • More affected by legs blocking sound than the factory speakers

Nexen N5000 Review – What You Can Expect

The Nexen N5000 is a perfect ultra high performance all season driving tire as its’ target usage is geared more toward the casual car enthusiast, rather than the intense racing aficionado. But don’t sell this awesome tire short as it sports an ultra-sleek design that looks great on a set of slick aluminum rims. Anyone wanting to sport up their favorite hot rod will definitely want to make the N5000 their choice for their new project car.

The N5000’s design includes an impressive reduced noise variable pitch tread design that will make the car they’re attached to stealthily quiet, yet handle like a dream. If tricking out the ultimate show car is important to you, then the N5000 is the street rod tire of your dreams.

Featuring a wide and deep directional groove provides for more than adequate water drainage and braking ability, as these tires make great choice for your every day driving needs. They’ll look impressive and sleek on your brand-new sports car or weekend racing toy. The N5000 street rod tire will handle like a dream and maintain just the right amount of friction for handling even the tightest of curves.

Their speed rating is H & V, which translates into a top speed of 130 to 149 mph, or 210 to 240 km/h. As you can see, these tires are perfect for the amateur racecar driver or home car restoration fan. With speed ratings like this, the Nexen N5000 tire is perfect for anyone wanting speed performance, or a general use tire that will impress, as well as perform.

The Nexen N5000’s come with an impressive 60,000 mile replacement warranty, which should prove to you that the manufacturer is willing to stand by this impressive tire. When seeking out the best option for your performance tire needs, the Nexen 5000 should definitely be on your short list of tire choices.