Nexen N5000 Review – What You Can Expect

The Nexen N5000 is a perfect ultra high performance all season driving tire as its’ target usage is geared more toward the casual car enthusiast, rather than the intense racing aficionado. But don’t sell this awesome tire short as it sports an ultra-sleek design that looks great on a set of slick aluminum rims. Anyone wanting to sport up their favorite hot rod will definitely want to make the N5000 their choice for their new project car.

The N5000’s design includes an impressive reduced noise variable pitch tread design that will make the car they’re attached to stealthily quiet, yet handle like a dream. If tricking out the ultimate show car is important to you, then the N5000 is the street rod tire of your dreams.

Featuring a wide and deep directional groove provides for more than adequate water drainage and braking ability, as these tires make great choice for your every day driving needs. They’ll look impressive and sleek on your brand-new sports car or weekend racing toy. The N5000 street rod tire will handle like a dream and maintain just the right amount of friction for handling even the tightest of curves.

Their speed rating is H & V, which translates into a top speed of 130 to 149 mph, or 210 to 240 km/h. As you can see, these tires are perfect for the amateur racecar driver or home car restoration fan. With speed ratings like this, the Nexen N5000 tire is perfect for anyone wanting speed performance, or a general use tire that will impress, as well as perform.

The Nexen N5000’s come with an impressive 60,000 mile replacement warranty, which should prove to you that the manufacturer is willing to stand by this impressive tire. When seeking out the best option for your performance tire needs, the Nexen 5000 should definitely be on your short list of tire choices.