Tata Manza Review Part 2

The now famous Fiat 1.3 liter diesel runs in a higher state of tune to churn out 89 BHP (@ 4,000 rpm) and 200 NM of torque (@ 1,750 – 3,000 rpm). Yes, this is the Fiat Linea-spec engine. A key contributor to the additional power is a large variable geometry turbocharger. Owners report that the engine’s mid-range is especially strong, though outright acceleration is average at best (0 – 100 in 15 odd seconds). Also, turbo lag is on the higher side and negatively affects urban driveability.

The turbo-lag definitely takes some getting used to. This motor comes into its element past 1800 rpm. The diesel’s useful power band is between 2,000 – 4,100 rpms, though the engine can cross the 5,000 rpm mark for those times when you need to overtake a truck in the same gear. The Manza diesel can cruise on the expressway at 140 kph comfortably, after which progress is very slow. The diesel’s fuel efficiency and robust nature kept all of our reviewers happy. The 1.4 liter DOHC petrol is rated at 89 BHP (@6000 rpm) and 116 NM of torque (@ 4750 rpm).

Owners report that the petrol engine needs to be worked to perform. Driveability is good within the city, the 2nd gear pulling easily from 10 kph all the way to 80. The petrol is also smooth and revvs freely to its 6,600 rpm redline. Some of our reviewers quite liked the engine note at high rpms (classic Italian trait), however the noise gets unduly loud at speed and regular joes (non-enthusiasts) will find it annoying. Outright performance is, again, strictly adequate. NVH levels with either engine are acceptable whilst cruising; however, the cabin’s poor insulation shows when the engines are made to work hard. The Fiat C549 gearbox makes for the best gearshift quality seen on a Tata yet.

It has medium length shifts, some notchiness is obvious, yet overall gear-shifting action is decent (though not a patch on the Dzire’s shift quality). All of our reviewers spoke highly of the Manza’s urban ride quality. The suspension is perfectly tuned and keeps occupants comfortable within the city. Comfort levels remain excellent on flat expressways or even broken road patches. However, our reviewers did complain of excessive vertical movement from the rear suspension, when the Manza is driven fast over uneven highway patches.

The Manza has neutral handling characteristics. Owners recommend a sedate driving style, as it isn’t really built for enthusiasts. Sharp corners taken at speed will see the Manza understeer generously. Drive conservatively and grip levels remain decent. High speed stability is par for the course, though the steering seems vague and has a tendency to wander on the expressway. The turning radius is a reasonable 5.1 meters (Dzire = 4.7 and Linea = 5.5). In a first for a Tata car, the brakes have received “excellent” ratings. The ABS-equipped anchors do their job well and keep the Tata composed even under emergency braking conditions.

Arizona Dream Bluray Review

Almost 20 years before the overhyped Inception focused on the phenomenon of dreaming Emir Kusturica directed Johnny Depp in the surreal comic fantasy Arizona Dream. The movie was produced by Claudie Ossard (Delicatessen/Amélie) and is typical of the sort of strange art-house films that Depp used to regularly appear in before finding mainstream appeal as a Disney Pirate.

The plot, such as is it, follows the dreamlike escapades of Axel Blackmar (Depp) a drifter who has taken the obscure job of tagging fish for the New York State Department of Fish and Game. His cousin wannabe actor Paul Leger (Vincent Gallo) turns up announcing that their Uncle Leo (Jerry Lewis) plans to marry his Polish fiancé Millie (supermodel Paulina Porizkova) a girl more than half his age and that he wishes for Axel to be his best man; reluctantly Axel accompanies Paul back to their Arizona hometown.

In his best role since playing a version of himself in Martin Scorsese’s King of Comedy, Jerry Lewis is outstanding as Axel’s Uncle Leo; a successful, infectiously upbeat Cadillac salesman and living testimony to the “American Dream” paradoxically wracked with survivor’s guilt from causing the crash that killed Axel’s parents, he persuades him to stay on after the wedding and try his hand at selling cars.

Axel’s first potential customers are eccentric widower Elaine Stalker (Faye Dunaway) and her suicidal step-daughter Grace (Lili Taylor) their brazen arrival sparks the interest of both Axel and cousin Paul who’s gift of the gab ensures an invitation to dinner at the Stalker’s home that evening; here screenwriter David Watkins (Novocaine) delivers one of the most flabbergastingly funny surprise scenes I have witnessed and from here on in I was totally hooked.

Axel embarks on an affair with Elaine and despite their madcap behaviour and slim grasp on reality this May to September romance is convincing and genuinely moving to watch, especially his attempts to build the flying machine she has always dreamt of. The film’s theme of the pursuit of dreams in the face of reality is explored thoroughly; Uncle Leo dreams of stacking Cadillacs high enough to reach the moon, Grace dreams of being reincarnated as a turtle and Paul aspires to be a great actor by reproducing his favourite movie scenes, providing one of the bizarre set pieces when he re-enacts the entire crop duster sequence from the Hitchcock classic North by Northwest for a local talent show.

Kusturica is clearly a master filmmaker and he manages to maintain a dreamlike feel throughout the movie’s 142 minute running time, it is consistently funny but also has a haunting mystical quality making it compelling viewing and fortunately the French Blu-ray release contains a DTS-HD 5.1 English audio master track with enforced subtitles only for the excerpts from Raging Bull and The Godfather: Part II, the full 1080p picture quality is gorgeous and 20 minutes that were cut from the theatrical release have been totally restored.

Arizona Dream is impeccably acted and although it’s obvious that an element of improvisation has gone on the story and script are strong and stay true to their purpose in evoking the absurdist, surreal quality of dreams, an element totally lacking in Christopher Nolan’s Inception the same could be said for laughs of which there is also an abundance here making it a must for fans of Depp’s earlier work.

3 Simple Questions to Ask a Dealer While Purchasing Your Next Car in DC

While purchasing a car, it’s easy to get caught up in various rules and lose track of the important details. There are a hundred million questions that can drive you around and still bring no clarity. The major concern of car buyers relate to rules which are specific for every different city. Washington D.C., nicknamed DC, has an estimated population of over 6.7 million, amongst which many people do not belong to the native area. It makes it difficult for them to remember every rule. Therefore, knowing which questions to ask your dealer will reduce the complexity of purchasing your next car in DC.

Asking the following simple questions will help you to make your car purchasing process simple in DC:

1) Can I see the Title Certification?

Asking for a title certificate is the most essential question to ask to your dealer. A title certification is a proof of ownership and you should only proceed when the dealer shows it to you. In order to transfer the title in your name, you will require a DC identity proof or driver’s license along with an accurate odometer reading of the car. The Washington D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles will charge you $26 for the title transfer. Once you have transferred the title in your name, make sure that you register it at your local DMV office.

2) Did the Car suffer any Damages?

It becomes difficult to ascertain the condition of the car without reviewing any vehicle history report. A vehicle history report will help you to identify if the car requires any repair. It will also tell you about the car damages. You have to look up the Vehicle Identification Number of the car and carry out a history check. The report will include information relating to accidents and flood damages.

Many a times, a seller projects inaccurate odometer readings. It can lead you to make an uninformed decision. Therefore, it is a wise move to review the vehicle history report in order to avoid any future expenses.

3) Is the car protected by the Lemon Law?

If a new car breaks down after numerous repairs during the first 2 years of purchase or within travelling the first 18,000 miles, it is known as a ‘lemon’. According to the rules of DC, if the car is not working properly even after four attempts or is in repairs for more than 30 days, the car is branded as a lemon. The lemon law warranties the car buyer to either obtain a replacement of the car or retrieve the refund of the amount spent on the car. Thus, the presence of the lemon law can largely impact your decision to buy the car you have selected.

Purchasing a car from a dealer can be a complex task. Remembering the different rules pertaining to DC can make it more difficult. However, asking simple questions will clear out the fog and help you in making the car purchase simple in DC.